1. Please clarify the definition of an "innovation"

From the American Nurses Association: To innovate is to put new ideas into practice or existing ideas into practice in new ways. 


Innovation is taking scientific discoveries and other ideas and developing useful products and services out of them. e.g., The researcher studies thermodynamics; the innovator develops the toaster.

2. What is the amount of the award?

There is no standard amount for this award.  Recognizing that the scope of innovations can vary greatly, funds given to projects will be based on the need of the innovation.  For 2019, there is up to $40,000 to award this year to successful applicants. We could fund 10 $4000 awards or one $40,000 award. The final tally will likely fall somewhere in between. Applicants will need to: i) tell us why their application deserves funding

  1. ii) clarify what money they will need to be successful

iii) justify how that money will be spent 

3. Will projects that will require more than one year to be completed successfully be considered?

We suggest that larger or long-term projects be broken down into smaller pieces. Explain what will be accomplished in the first year and what is needed to be successful this year.

4. Do the reference letters need to be from nurses in Ontario?

No, but they need to be from someone, likely a health professional, who knows you well and can speak to the reason your idea is innovative, and endorse your ability to lead and complete this innovation in the time frame.  You might want to consider having at least one of the references come from someone in your organization who might also be able to champion your idea. 

5. The fund is given to support a project – why are T4A forms issued?

Canada Revenue Agency requires that funds paid to an individual must be declared as income.  If there is an organization or company that can receive the award funds, the T4A form will not be issued.

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